Monday, July 24, 2017

July 17 - July 23 Training

Monday: 4 miles (9:31).  Another vacation day in Napa and only had time to squeeze in a short treadmill run.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:22).  A quick 3 mile treadmill run before driving to the Oakland Airport for the long travel day back home.  Woke up with what appears to be a cold coming down.
Wednesday: 3 miles (9:05), 4.82 miles (8:18), 1 mile (9:22).  3 mile warmup, 10 x (1:00@7:53+1:00@8:57), 10 x (1:00@7:41 + 1:00@8:41), 1 mile cooldown.  It was feeling pretty smooth at 7:53/8:57 after 20 minutes, so I went faster the second 20 minutes.
Thursday: 8 miles (9:09).  Easy 8 on the treadmill.  Just brutal hot weather outside.
Friday: 5 miles (9:13).  Another indoor run. My cold is shifting to a cough.
Saturday: 3 miles (9:22).  My cold felt worse today, stayed in bed until 4 PM and then ran a quick 3 on the TM watching the Open Championship on DVR.
Sunday: 15 miles (9:22).  Long run on the treadmill watching the Open Championship.  Still nursing a summer cold.

Total Miles: 46.8 miles.   A low week due to traveling on the first two days followed by my first summer cold in many years that I woke up with in Napa on the final morning.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 10 - July 16 Training

Monday: 3 miles (9:22), 7 miles (9:05).  Quick 3 mile treadmill run at lunch time.  Could feel a little stiff from yesterday's long run.  Felt better on the Brixx Run, even though it was about 90 degrees. Ran the 7 miles with 25 second pickups each mile.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:13), 5 miles (8:12), 1 mile (9:22).  After a 3 mile warmup, ran 4 x (1 mile @ sub 8:00 + 1/4 mile @ slow jog, then a cooldown.  With it being so hot out, ran on the treadmill.  The 4 miles were at 7:53, 7:47, 7:41, 7:35.  Felt pretty smooth.
Wednesday: 10 miles (8:45).  Progression, 3@9:00, 3@8:45, 3@8:30, 1@Cooldown.
Thursday: 3 miles (9:13), 3 miles (9:13).  Short TM run at lunch time.  Quads sore today.  Tough to run the second time after we took our cat Manny to the vet and ended up having him put to sleep after his kidneys started failing.  He was nearing 16 years old, which is quite old for a  maine coon.

Friday: 2 miles (9:13).  Short treadmill run before the long travel day to Napa, California.
Saturday: 5 miles (9:13).  Treadmill run at the Westin Napa Fitness center in the afternoon.
Sunday: 13.13 miles (8:47).  Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon.  Official time was 2:05:04, as I stopped the GPS at the water breaks and took short breaks like I was on a training run.  GPS time was 1:55:17.  This was the first time I ever ran outdoors with headphones on and I have to say I loved it.  I looked at the watch a lot less and wasn't counting down the miles, but enjoying some music.

Total Miles: 55.1 miles.  Not the volume I want and I probably won't get it next week with two more days in Napa.  But after that, I should get back to 65-75 mile weeks.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Training July 3 - July 9

Monday: 4 miles (9:31).  With my brother in town until Wednesday, not getting in much for running due to our busy schedule. Just a short treadmill run in the afternoon.
Tuesday: 4 miles (9:31).  Squeezed in another treadmill run with company at the house.
Wednesday: 2 miles (9:13), 4 miles (7:54), 2 miles (9:09).  Back to normal training.  Weather has not been cooperating with lots of rain and storms all week.  2 mile warmup on the treadmill and then 8 x .25 on/off, 2 mile cooldown.   Felt pretty good halfway through the intervals, so I kept increasing the speed.
Thursday: 6 miles (8:42), 2 miles (8:49).  Started with 6 miles at Drakes Creek Park and went home before the rain rolled in and finished with an additional 2 miles on the treadmill.  Goal was sub 9:00, so I felt pretty good running those 6 miles in the warm, humid weather.
Friday: 6 miles (9:11).  4:52 PM is not the time to start a run.  It was 88 degrees (feels like 96) and felt much harder than yesterday's faster run.
Saturday: 6 miles (9:13).  Easy 6 on the treadmill in the morning.
Sunday: 16 miles (9:07).  Plan was 8@Easy, 3@ sub 9:15, 3@sub 9:00, 2@fast.  The original goal was to try and get under 8:00 on those last two miles, but it was pretty tough going.  The last two miles ended up being 8:15 and 8:11 and I was hitting it hard at the end of the last mile and it resulted in me throwing up a couple times after I stopped.  Exceeded my lactic acid threshold.  But I did run this long run with ZERO calories, just like last weekend.  I'm going to try and continue to run the long runs with no fuel before or during the run.

Total Miles: 52 miles.  Miles were low this week as my brother was in town over the 4th of July weekend and limited my training.

Friday I am off to Napa Valley to run the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon on Sunday.  Not expecting any fast time, but will just try to run it as a tempo run.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Training June 26 - July 2

Monday: 3 miles (9:05), 3 miles (9:36).  First run was a quick 3 on the treadmill at lunch time.  Very sluggish on the second run, although I went straight to Brixx and mowing the lawn and using the weed eater.  So I was a bit tired.
Tuesday: 2 miles (9:10), 4 miles (8:21), 1 mile (9:44).  2 mile warmup followed by running the Station Camp Loop Jr. repeating .15 fast + .35 @ 9:00, 1 mile cooldown.
Wednesday: 4 miles (9:13).  Easy 4 on the Treadmill in the afternoon.  I was going to run again at the Fleet Feet run, but ended up going out for Mexican and Margaritas.
Thursday: 8 miles (8:55).  Treadmill workout, 1@9:13, 2@8:57, 2@8:49, 2@8:42, 1@9:13.  Felt pretty smooth.
Friday: 3 miles (9:13), 3 miles (9:13).  Busy trying to get the house ready for family coming for the holiday, so all I could do was work in two 3 mile treadmill runs.
Saturday: 4 miles (9:23), 3 miles (9:13).  Got a late start on my morning long run at 8:30 AM and after a couple miles I knew I wasn't going to be able to run 14 miles, so made it a short 4 mile run and then added 3 on the treadmill in the afternoon when it was raining outside.
Sunday: 14 miles (9:24).  Got smarter and started at 5:28 AM.  The plan was 12 miles at whatever and then 2 miles sub 8:15.  It was a struggle in the high humidity, but I was able to get those last two miles just under 8:15, so that felt pretty good that I could find the fast gear at the end.  Especially considering the two previous miles were 10:09 and 10:22.

Total Miles: 52 miles.  Low volume week due to a couple shortened runs, but volume should be picking up.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Training June 19 - June 25

Monday: 8 miles (9:10).  Easy 8 with 8x20s pickups for Monday Night Brixx.
Tuesday: 7.11 miles (8:48).  Treadmill workout. 2 Mile warmup, 10:00@8:00, 5:00@easy, 10:00@7:30, 2 Mile cooldown.
Wednesday: 7 miles (9:00), 3 miles (8:59).  Easy 7 on the treadmill in the afternoon followed by the Fleet Feet Sum run at 7 PM.
Thursday: 3 miles (9:14), 2 miles (9:21), 1.86 miles (6:28), 1 mile (8:38).  Easy 3 on the treadmill at lunch time and then a 2 mile warmup in the late afternoon on the Station Camp Greenway followed by 4x30s, 8x60s, 4x30s with 90s rest between each interval.  It felt good to get the wheels moving again even though I felt a bit sluggish on the warmup.  The cooldown was pretty fast, but the intervals opened up the legs and they wanted to keep moving fast.
Friday: 6 miles (8:57).  Avoided the humid air with a treadmill run.
Saturday: 6.22 miles (9:20).  Easy 10K from the Library to Drakes Creek Park and back.
Sunday: 12 miles (8:45).  I intended to run 14-15 miles, but ran this at the warmest part of the day and got a bad headache after 10 miles followed by complete dry mouth after 11 miles.  So thought I best stop at 12 miles.  This was a very solid run with everything sub 9:00 after the first miles.

Total Miles: 57.2 miles.  Just a modest mileage total on the first week back in training.  The speed work will continue and miles will soon go higher.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ranking My Marathons

I am now 15 weeks away from running my 15th Marathon.  I wanted to take a look back at my previous marathons and rank them according to how their performance ranked based on my experience at the time of the race.

1. Grandmas Marathon, 06/21/2014, 3:26:21.  It's hard not to rank your fastest marathon as the best performance.  This was just 15 months after running my first mile and my first attempt at a Boston Qualifier and I managed a 25 minute PR for the BQ.  With the average pace 7:53 per mile, it still amazes me that the last 5 miles were my fastest miles with miles 25 and 26 coming in at 7:19 and 7:20.  Will I ever come close to this again?

2. Boston Marathon, 04/25/2015, 3:33:38.  The ultimate goal for any marathoner is to make it to Boston.  Just two years after taking up running, I found myself in Hopkinton and heading to Boston and finishing on Boylston Street.  At the time, I wasn't overly thrilled with this time, but I've never come close to this time again.  So as time goes by, I covet this time more and more.

3. Twin Cities Marathon, 10/06/2013, 3:59:33.  This was my very first marathon, just over 6 months after running my very first mile.  Although it's not my 3rd fastest time, I rank this marathon high because it was my very first marathon.  To run a sub 4 hour marathon on my first try at age 52 was a great accomplishment.

4. Paris Marathon, 04/30/2016, 3:48:11.  Although this marathon had a disappointing finish as it warmed up 70 degrees under sunny skies in Paris, I had run the first 16 miles all within a few seconds of each other and was on pace for 3:35 when the heat started to take its toll.

5. Grandmas Marathon, 06/28/2016, 3:53:15.  This was a very warm day in Duluth, Minnesota, with it nearly 70 degrees at the start and the bank sign showed 76 degrees when I had 4 miles to go.  I fought a good race to keep it going in the second half and not giving up.

6. Rocket City Marathon, 12/14/2013, 3:51:10.  This was my second marathon and it came just 10 weeks after my very first marathon and I was able to knock over 8 minutes off my previous time.

7. Disney World Marathon, 01/12/2014, 3:58:01.  I rank this one higher than some faster performances because it was still less than 12 months since I ran my first mile and I ran this the day after running the Disney World Half Marathon in 1:56:01. Sub 4 full and sub 2 half for the Goofy Challenge on back to back days.

8. Twin Cities Marathon, 10/05/2014, 3:50:03.  I was limping through the Minneapolis Airport two days before the marathon with a sore right femur.  So I didn't run the two days prior and only planned to just run this as a long training run.  I would get a calf strain two days later and was nearing my only extended down time from running before starting up the run streak in January of 2015 that is still going at 891 days.

9. Berlin Marathon, 09/27/2015, 3:49:24. This is my 4th fastest marathon, however, it was the first marathon where I finished and was completely disappointed.  I felt like I was in the best marathon shape and was wanting a shot at the PR, but it became obvious to me early that I was somehow dehydrated.  It was my first international race, and maybe I didn't take care of myself well enough overseas to be properly hydrated and ready to go on race day.

10. Andrew Jackson Marathon, 04/01/2017, 3:59:33.  This marathon was just 22 days prior to the London Marathon, so I wasn't going out there to race it.  This was my first attempt at a run/walk strategy, thinking that I would just finish around 4:15-4:30.  So I decided to run 5 minutes and then walk 1 minute.  But when I passed the half way point just over 1:57 and felt pretty good, I started to realize I had a shot at a sub 4 marathon.  I skipped the very last walk break to get under 4 hours but was surprised I could run a 3:59 marathon with 38 minutes of walking.

11. London Marathon, 04/23/2017, 4:11:48.  Just 22 days after doing an easy run/walk marathon at Jackson, TN, I thought I had a real good shot at getting under 3:50.  I wanted to do a similar run/walk strategy as I did in Jackson, but run faster.  But what I found is that this marathon was so crowded, it was like roller derby if you wanted to try to get between people to pass them. So I was just settling in to run with the crowd and not fight it.

12. Nashville Greenway Marathon, 10/02/2016, 4:22:24.  I had been struggling to get the long runs in training for New York City, so I decided to sign up for a marathon and run the first two miles and then switch between running and walking the last 6.2  I actually did a little better than I expected to, this isn't an easy course.

13. Walt Disney World Marathon, 01/10/2016, 4:02:58.  The reason I rank this one so low was that it was the first time I allowed myself to go over 4 hours in a marathon.  I could have pushed myself to get under 4 hours, but lacked the will power to do it.  That opened up the door for more 4+ hour marathons.

14. New York City Marathon, 11/06/2016, 4:57:28.  This one was my slowest marathon and it was just a very long day.  My right leg was really hurting by the half way point, and I had to start taking walk breaks to rest the leg and did all I could do to just finish this race.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Running Log May 29 - June 18

Combining 3 weeks on my running log since I was on vacation June 3-17.

This ends my 8 week break from training and training resume with Coach Wietecha on Monday, June 19th.

May was my first month over 300 miles in the past year.

May 29 - June 4
Monday: 10 miles (9:16), 7 miles (9:26).  For my first run, I thought I was just going to run 4 miles and make it a three 4 mile run day, but I felt really good and wanted to keep going.  So only had to run twice, but got a lot of miles in on Memorial Day.
Tuesday: 4 miles (9:22), 4 miles (9:24).
Wednesday: 3 miles (9:13), 9 miles (9:20).  A short 3 miles on the treadmill at lunch time.  A nice 9 mile run in the late afternoon.  I'm really starting to like the 9 mile distance for easy training runs. 3 of them in the last 7 days plus a 10 mile run.
Thursday: 5 miles (9:22), 3 miles (9:37).  First run on the TM and finally finished the Voice Finale.
Friday: 3 miles (9:31), 3 miles (9:22), 3.11 miles (9:08).
Saturday: 3 miles (9:22).  Quick run on the treadmill before flying to San Francisco.
Sunday: 7 miles (9:22).  Beautiful facility at the Equinox Sports Club in San Francisco in the Four Seasons Hotel Building.

Weekly Total: 64.1 miles.

June 5 - June 11
Monday: 3 miles (9:22).  Easy treadmill run.
Tuesday: 5 miles (9:05), 5 miles (9:13).  First run was a small progression on the treadmill.
Wednesday: 3 miles (9:13), 6 miles (9:22).  First run at the Equinox Sports Club before heading to the Grand Princess, second run on the ship's treadmill before dinner.
Thursday: 6 miles (9:22), 6 miles (9:31).  Two treadmill runs on the Grand Princess.
Friday: 5 miles (9:22), 4 miles (9:31), 6 miles (9:22).  3 treadmill runs on a day at sea.
Saturday: 10 miles (9:29), 5 miles (9:31).  First run outdoors in Ketchikan, Alaska, followed by a second run on the treadmill.
Sunday: 9 miles (8:52), 6 miles (9:16).  Two outdoor runs in Junuea, Alaska.  The first run was a progression finishing with the last mile at 7:42.

Weekly Total: 79 miles.  Big mileage week for being on vacation.

June 12 - June 18
Monday: 10 miles (9:15), 5 miles (8:43).  Two outdoor runs in Skagway, Alaska.  25 mph winds!. Second run was a progression.
Tuesday: 10 miles (9:05), 3 miles (9:22), 2 miles (9:22).  3 runs on the treadmill for my 5th straight day of 15 miles.  Last 7 days I ran 96 miles, which is my second biggest 7 day total ever.  Will be taking it easy the last 5 days of the week.
Wednesday: 4 miles (9:31).  Just one easy treadmill run on the ship.
Thursday: 4 miles (9:22).  Just taking it easy on the rest of my vacation.
Friday: 4 miles (9:31).
Saturday: 3 miles (9:22).  A few easy miles before getting off the ship and heading back home.
Sunday: 3 miles (9:31). A few miles watching the US Open.

Weekly Total: 48 miles.  Took it easy the last 5 days after hitting 96 miles in 7 days on Tuesday.