Monday, November 13, 2017

November 6 - November 12 Training

Monday: 5 miles (10:20). The body just didn't feel like running today and it was lazy, slow.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:30), 4.77 miles (8:23), 1 mile (9:40).  Treadmill day starting with a 3 mile warmup followed by 10 x (1:00 @ 7.6 mph + 1:00 @ 6.7 mph), 1 mile cooldown.  Felt pretty good.
Wednesday: 10 miles (9:11).  Felt great out there with temperature at 54 degrees.
Thursday: 8 miles (8:41).  I had a pop in my step right from the start with an 8:50 first mile.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  Ran faster than I should, but it was feeling easy and good.
Friday: 3 miles (9:39).  Easy run at lunch time on the Station Camp Greenway.
Saturday: 26.57 miles (10:19).  I ran the Nashville Marathon as a training run.  I ran the first 20 miles (2:57:27, pace 8:52) and then mainly walked the last 6.57 miles to the finish to complete Marathon #16.  I did drop a 7:58 on mile 20, knowing that I was going to start walking after that point.  Solid long run 4 weeks before Rocket City Marathon.
Sunday: 5 miles (9:34), 4 miles (9:50).  I ended up adding a second run today to reach 70 miles for the week.  I'm not feeling very much marathon soreness, which is good.

Total Miles: 70.45 miles.  A solid week of training with a marathon to get over 70 miles for the week. Weather is starting to be very good for running.  Hopefully I can make some fitness gains the next few weeks and target a good race at the Rocket City Marathon in early December.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

October 30 - November 5 Training

Monday: 4 miles (9:32), 4 miles (9:13).  Afternoon run on the Station Camp Greenway followed by a Brixx Run a couple hours later.  Feeling sore from yesterday's long run.
Tuesday: 4 miles (9:57), 5.6 miles (8:37), 4 miles (9:51).  Long warmup of 4 miles.  I really never felt good on the warmup.  Then 8 x (4:00 on + 2:00 off).  The goal was to start the fast intervals around 8:15 and work down to mid 7's.  Actual paces were 8:08, 8:06, 8:08, 7:55, 7:50, 7:34, 7:32, 7:30. Long 4 mile cooldown.  I was still sore from Sunday, so 13.6 miles was a tough day for me today.
Wednesday: 7 miles (9:52), 3 miles (9:48).   Afternoon run on the Station Camp Greenway followed by an evening run on Saundersville Road.  Ran very easy today.  Still a little sore from the last few days.
Thursday: 5 miles (9:34), 3 miles (9:31).  First run with pickups on the Station Camp Greenway followed up with a short treadmill run in the evening.
Friday: 5 miles (9:57).  70 and humid is not what you expect in November.  Come on Winter, please hurry to get here.
Saturday: 1 mile (9:26), 10.09 miles (8:37), 3 miles (9:43).  I ran the Team Nashville 10 Miler today in 1:27:02.  Good enough for 2nd Place Age Group. Maybe not as fast as I used to be, but this was a solid effort.  Negative split on the second half of around 1:30.  Once I got to the top of the big hill around 5.35 miles, then I was able to open it up and start running 8:15-8:25 until the last mile where you go back up some hills.  I kept good race focus the entire way and never giving up and settling for easy running.  So this is a good start on my journey to return to my old racing focus.  It's good to get sick again at the finish line 8-).  Added a 3 mile shake out run late in the afternoon.
Sunday: 6.22 miles (9:36).  This ended up being a progression, which wasn't the intent.  After a 10:15 first mile, I just kept getting faster with mile 6 in 9:06.  Legs feel pretty good after yesterday's race.

Total Miles: 65 miles.  I continue to get more confident and I'm really starting to enjoy running  again after a long time where I was just going through the motions.  I'm looking forward to running the Nashville Marathon next Saturday as a long training run.  Weather is looking good.  4 more solid weeks to train for Rocket City.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 23 - October 29 Training

Monday: 3 miles (9:31), 4 miles (9:38), 1 mile (9:48).  Lunch run on the treadmill and then ran 5 miles at Brixx.  Ran 4 before the group started and then added an extra mile.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:31), 4 miles (8:16), 1 mile (9:50).  3 mile warmup followed by a 4 mile tempo run from 8:27 to 8:06.  Kept tough and got through the tempo run without stopping.
Wednesday: 6 miles (9:31), 3.1 miles (9:43).  Afternoon 6 miles on the treadmill followed by an early Fleet Feet Run Sum 5K.
Thursday: 10 miles (9:33).  Nice, easy 10 mile run on the Station Camp Greenway.  After 7 miles, I started feeling stronger and the last 3 miles were the fastest.  Just a 3 second stop for a car.
Friday: 8 miles (9:26). Easy miles with 8x20s pickups.  Wanted to keep running and just like yesterday, I was getting faster at the end.
Saturday: 8 miles (9:25).  Same route as yesterday, without the pickups, but I was 7 seconds faster.  Throwing in an 8:41 to end the easy run.  It felt great out there.
Sunday: 18 miles (8:54), 1 mile (9:36).  Started the long run with a 4 mile warm-up followed by 4 x (3:00@ sub 8:50 + 1/2 @ jog).  The key was to have as little as stop time as possible.  After the warm-up, I went straight into the intervals without stopping and only took one 25 second water stop after 15.25 miles.  I was amazed I didn't need water for over 15 miles and probably could have ran the entire 19 miles without water.  Averaged 8:36 on the 12 faster miles.

Total Miles: 70.2.  I believe this is the turning point in my training.  I've started to learn to run without any stops.  I felt like I had my old marathon focus on the long run and look forward to continuing this approach to my training.  I must drink way to much water during marathons, because I had maybe 4 ounces of water during the 19 miles.  When it is cool out, you just don't need much water.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 16 - October 22 Training

Monday: 5 miles (9:31).  Easy 5 on the treadmill.  A new presonal record, 5 miles on the treadmill without stopping.
Tuesday: 7 miles (9:29).  7 miles with pickups.  A new personal record, 7 miles on the treadmill without stopping.  More record breaking runs to come!
Wednesday: 10 miles (9:10).  Another new record, 10 miles on the treadmill without stopping!  Started a 9 mile progression at 6.2 mph (9:40) and ending at 7.0 mph (8:34) with a 1 mile cooldown.
Thursday: 4 miles (9:36), 4 miles (9:36).  Two easy 4 mile runs.
Friday: 3 miles (9:31).  My cold was feeling worse today, so after a 3 mile warmup, I deferred today's workout until Saturday.
Saturday: 2 miles (9:31), 6.61 miles (8:28).  After a 2 mile workout, 8 x (5:00 on + 2:00 off).  Started the fast intervals at 7.3 mph (8:13) and worked them down to 7.7 mph (7:47).  It felt pretty smooth.
Sunday: 8 miles (9:27).  Wanted to do a long run, but been run down with a cold all week and just managed 8 miles.

Total Miles: 49.6 miles.  Not bad considering I woke up sick Monday morning and never felt well the entire week.  I did get a couple good workouts in.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Past 2 Weeks - Changing My Training Execution

October 2 - 8

Monday: 3 miles (9:41).  Easy start to the Chicago taper week.
Tuesday: 7 miles (8:53).  2@easy, 2@8:40, 2@8:20, 1@easy.  All easy running until Chicago now.
Wednesday: 5 miles (9:31).  Nice, easy miles.
Thursday: 5 miles (9:33).
Friday: 3 miles (9:31).  Off to Chicago on Friday afternoon.
Saturday: 2 miles (9:31).  Two miles on the hotel treadmill.
Sunday: 26.2 miles (10:10).  The Chicago Marathon. 

Total Miles: 51.2.

October 9 - 16

Monday: 2 miles (10:10). Hotel treadmill in Chicago.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:49). Another easy treadmill recovery run.
Wednesday: 3 miles (9:28), 3.1 miles (9:28).   The running streak finally reached 1000 days today and I added a second run at the Fleet Feet Run Sum.

Thursday: 6.22 miles (9:21).  I ran a nice and easy 10K and it was actually 29 seconds faster than my recent 10K Franklin Classic Race, because I was stopping at the water stops during the race.
Friday: 5 miles (9:42).  Easy run from the Library to DCP.
Saturday: 4 miles (9:36), 5 miles (9:12).  Easy morning run around Station Camp and then an late afternoon run on the Station Camp Greenway.
Sunday: 5 miles (9:31).  Easy treadmill miles while watching football.

Total Miles: 36.3 miles.

My analysis of my recent training and the Chicago Marathon.

My recent Chicago Marathon was my second slowest of all time at 4:24:18.  But it was actually my lowest point for marathon running.  When I ran the slower race at New York City last fall, I was injured most of the way, where I really had no excuses in Chicago.

I took a look at my training and I know exactly what happened.  I simply just started taking too many breaks and stops during ALL my runs.  Not just workouts, even short 3 mile easy runs were never done continuously.

I saw that one of my 17 mile outdoor long runs had 40 minutes of down time.  So what looked like a solid 8:45 paced long run in reality was closer to 11 minutes per mile elapsed time.

I ran 3 long runs on the treadmill with distances of 19, 20, and 21 miles.  By the second half of the run, I am getting off the treadmill every mile to wipe off with a towel and drinking water or using the bathroom.  Easily 2-3 minutes of down time per mile.  So even the 19 mile run which looked like a great progression down to 7:35 per mile wasn't as effective due to the stops between each mile.

You really can't expect to get to the start line of the marathon and think you are going to have race day magic and run a good pace for 26.2 mile without stopping when you didn't train that way.  As my coach has said, there is no such thing as "race day magic".  The race is just an extension of what took place in training.  That was never so true as in Chicago. 

So I have to change how I train.  And this past week, I never stopped once during any run.  They weren't long runs and were just easy runs, so I haven't really tested myself.  But I feel like I was more focused on the run rather than wondering where I was going to stop next.  After an easy recovery week, this week will be more focused and longer runs with some workouts.

My strategy will be to carry water on me when the workout or length of the run cannot easily be executed without taking any water during the run. So my plan is to start wearing my Camelbak with water and being able to get a drink while on the run and not having to stop.

This won't be easy, especially when I get to the tough workouts and longer runs.  But if I can execute and keep focused and limit any stops to the very minimal, then I will regain that mental toughness, start to get faster on the long runs, and then race day won't be such a shock to the body.

The improved results won't happen over night, but if I can stay focused and execute, some good things are going to happen in 2018.

So stay tuned to see how many training moves forward in the following weeks and months ahead.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Marathon Schedule

I have put together an exciting and aggressive marathon schedule for the next 12 months.

The goal is to BQ at Carmel, Indiana, in March of 2018 and then try to beat that time at Grandmas Marathon.  Then I will enjoy a fun, easy paced marathon in the Twin Cities in October of 2018.

Marathons the next 12 months:

October 8, 2017 - Chicago Marathon.  Goal: sub 4:00 (going to be warm!)
December 9, 2017 - Rocket City Marathon, Huntsville, AL. (Goal: 3:45)
March 31, 2018 - Carmel Marathon, Carmel, IN. (Goal: 3:35)
June 16, 2018 - Grandmas Marathon, Duluth, MN. (Goal: 3:30)
October 7, 2018 - Twin Cities Marathon. (Easy pace, have fun!)

Sunday, October 1, 2017

September 25 to October 1 Training

Monday: 3 miles (9:27), 3 miles (9:53).  Lunch time run on the treadmill, followed by an easy Brixx run.
Tuesday: 3 miles (9:31).  I was traveling today, so only a 3 mile treadmill run.
Wednesday: 3 miles (9:31), 3 miles (9:31).  Two treadmill runs at the hotel, while out of town.
Thursday: 10 miles (8:47).  A solid 10 mile run starting at the Hendersonville Library and running to Drakes Creek Park and back.  This should be close to marathon pace in Chicago if everything goes as planned.
Friday: 3 miles (9:31).  I was going to run 5 miles, but right leg felt a little sore.
Saturday: 12 miles (8:30).  The plan was a 2 mile warmup with 10 x (1/2 @ 8:45 + 1/2 @ 8:25).  I got into a good rhythm, despite waiting until 10:20 to start with temps already at 66 and it was 72 when I finished.  But that looks to be the temperatures in Chicago, at least for the second half.
Sunday: 3 miles (10:12).  Very easy run from Starbucks with the 6 AM group.  I may add a few miles later this afternoon.

Total Miles: 43 miles.  A reduced volume week with the Chicago Marathon coming up on October 8th.